The Hilton Tokyo Shinjuku met the expected Hilton five-star standard from the get go. The rooms were equipped with the customary five-star luxuries such as plush bedding, a granite adorned bathroom and all the expected amenities. The room size was also enormous by Tokyo standards which was quite a pleasant surprise. I had heard that all hotel rooms in Tokyo would be the size of a shoe box! The staff are friendly and can converse easily in English which is a bonus for a tourist looking for tips on where the locals eat.

As a Hilton Honors Gold  member…

As a Hilton Honors Gold member, I was lucky to be upgraded to an Executive room and subsequently had access to the Executive Lounge floor. This is where I caught my first glimpse of Mount Fuji while enjoying my refreshments and nibbles. Unfortunately, after a long day out, I was disappointed to discover that the lounge stopped serving drinks at 8pm.

View of Mt Fuji from the Executive Lounge at the Hilton Tokyo (Shinjuku)

I was also entitled to free breakfast as a gold HH member. Breakfast was served on the ground floor and was enough to set me up for the day. It was a mix of continental and Asian options, such as croissants and congee, and had a range of juices and smoothies. One point to note is that the lobby was often slightly overcrowded with very limited seating. The noise from the busy lobby was also amplified due to the low ceilings.

Location, location, location

The Hilton Tokyo wins full points for its prime location in one of the busiest and liveliest districts in Tokyo. The transport links from the hotel are excellent. There are two metro lines within 3 minutes walking to the hotel, one of which is connected to the basement of the hotel itself! (Nishi-Shinjuku Station is connected to the basement of the hotel and Tocho-mae Station is a 3 minute walk away). In addition to this transport link, the Hilton Shinjuku also offers a free shuttle bus to the west exit of Shinjuku Station, one of Tokyo’s main connecting hub for rail traffic.

Room rates and extras

Although I booked the Hilton Tokyo during a flash sale, the Hilton Tokyo was not a cheap hotel, especially due to the service charge and tax add on. This is standard for all hotels in Tokyo. Service charge was 13% of the room rate and taxes amounted to 8% per room per night and an additional ¥200 per person per night. Although the base room rate was ¥249,000 per night (£166), all in all, the price per night for my two night stay amounted to ¥30,787 per night (equivalent to £205.36 per night) with service charge and taxes.

Despite the high price, the convenient location of the Hilton Tokyo somewhat offset the pinch to my wallet and allowed me to make the most of my Tokyo adventure.


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