Initial post on Iberia Plus 90,000 Avios Offer

Following up on our initial post, Iberia did honor their amazing 90K Avios promotion for as little as €243 (or lower). All you had to do was to book and buy 10 cheapest one way tickets, and you do not even have to show up for the flights.

As of yesterday (03-JUL-2018), all valid Iberia Plus accounts have received their 9K Avios per ticket. They were the lucky ones because being first off the mark, they can now go off and pick their preferred award flights. But for those who created a new Iberia Plus account for the purpose of this promotion have more hurdles to cross. Most new accounts, if not all, have been blocked. They either cannot login due to invalid PIN or the account does not exist (the site says that there is a mismatch between the IB account and PIN). Resetting the PIN, even if you are successful in doing it, does not unblock the account.

After a long delay, Iberia sent out an email today to all those with blocked accounts. There are two versions of email. One was to ask for proof of ID and tickets bought.

This above is relatively straight forward. Just email in the ID and e-tickets, and wait for the outcome.

The other version of the email is for suspected duplicate accounts, as below:

My other half received the above email. She never had an Iberia Plus account before and opened this specifically for the Avios promotion. The contents in the email is confusing. It says the duplicated account has been closed, but the original account remains. In her case, she never had an account before, so there is no original account to be associated.

Next best course of action is to reply the email, deny politely a duplicate existence, enclose proof of ID and all the e-tickets, and insist on the Avios points, instead of opting for the refund.

Iberia has been inundated with communications; it will be of no big surprise if things do not get concluded for another two weeks or so.

This means your picking for the award flight spaces will get slimmer. If you do get the Avios, it is our opinion that the best value for the points is to redeem for a long haul business class flights.

Update: 17-JUL-2018
My other half received 90,000 Avios this morning. Her account has the same email address as mine and this has been corrected by Iberia. I received an email yesterday informing me that my ID information does not match the account and invited me to ask for a refund. I am standing my ground here as the information I have given do match the account. I have replied and insisted on the points. Let’s see how this pans out.

Update: 18-JUL-2018
After my email to Iberia Plus that painstakingly explained why my ID matches the Iberia Plus profile, I received an email giving me my new PIN. After logging in, my account still showed a big fat zero.

Update: 19-JUL-2018
To my surprise, an email came in in the morning, congratulated me for the award of 90K new Avios points. I checked the account, lo and behold, the 90,000 points appears magically! To top it all, I received another 200 bonus points for opening the new account. Now, how to spend them to get the best value!

Update: 14-AUG-2018
Points redeemed. Madrid to Lima, Rio de Janeiro to Madrid.
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Redeeming Avios Points with Iberia Airlines to South America (Peru and Brazil)


  1. It’s now possible for these promotional points to be transferred to your British Airways Executive Club Account. However, Iberia confirmed yesterday that “any Avios not redeemed in the Iberia Plus account by 1st December will be deducted, potentially resulting in a negative balance.”

    • Without getting into specifics, I am somewhat baffled as to why people want to transfer the 90K Avios into BA Executive Club (BAEC), unless you want to use them for BA short haul redemption flights. The long haul redemption surcharges on BA are simply extortionate. If you are hoping to ring-fence the 90K because you can’t redeem or decide before 1st December, then it is quite comprehensible. But it is still as clear as mud. It is great to know that we can now transfer the 90K to BAEC, but come 1st December, you will have 90K negative balance in Iberia Avios account. Then what? Is Iberia going to give you a big bill for the negative 90K? Too much to worry. I would opt for the easiest route. Redeem on Iberia for their long haul business class flight. That’s my choice, especially when Iberia has low surcharges on redemption.

  2. You’re lucky-I STILL have my account locked & no avios. They won’t respond to emails and when you call they just tell you it’s being handled by a different dept and can’t help you. I’m at my wits end with this and don’t know what to do. Ugh.


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