Flight AA6072 from Vancouver to Los Angeles was operated by Compass Airlines on behalf of American Airlines as American Eagle. The route was operated with an Embraer RJ-175 jet aircraft with a scheduled flight duration of 3 hours 12 minutes.

I did not pay outright for this flight. I redeemed my British Airways Avios which costed me 7,500 points and a surcharge of CAD $53.

The check-in at Vancouver Airport went smoothly, but it took almost an hour to clear US Immigration. (Vancouver Airport has US pre-clearance facility; this means you clear US Immigration and Customs in Vancouver itself, arriving into US as a domestic flight.)

Boarding was by group number, 1 to 4, then 5 to 7. I was in group 2. Boarding was accomplished quietly and with minimum fuss.

There were four rows of business class seats with 1-2 configuration, five rows of Main Cabin Extra (MCE) with 2-2 layout, and the rest (11 rows) were standard economy (also 2-2). There was no physical divider between the MCE and business class cabins, merely a half-length curtain separating the two.

The interior of the aircraft looked new, smart and very clean. All the seats were with dark leather upholstery. They were on the firm side but comfortable. The overhead compartment was small; you would find problem stuffing a big carry-on in it.

The flight departed the gate early at 0616 hours (scheduled at 0623). Once airborne, complimentary beverages (soft drinks, coffee and tea) were served. Alcoholic drinks were available at a surcharge. Inflight entertainment was also complimentary and this was by wifi streaming to your personal mobile device.

As a One World frequent flyer with top tier Emerald status, one of the perks, is being able to select my seat ahead of time for free, including the Main Cabin Extra (MCE). Without this privilege, MCE seat would cost CAD $48 extra. I was seated in 8A, the first seat in MCE, immediately after the business class cabin.

What blew me away was the seat pitch on row 8. The legroom was mind-bogglingly generous; in fact, all the seats in row 8 had more legroom than the business class itself. Seated and with my knees rested at right angle, my 14” laptop did not even touch the seat in front. See pictures.

AA6072 Seat 8A Embraer 175 Legroom
AA6072 Seat 8A Embraer 175 – Generous Legroom!
AA6072 Seat 8A Embraer 175 Legroom - Sizing Up
AA6072 Seat 8A Embraer 175 Legroom – Sizing up with 14″ Laptop

The flight arrived Los Angeles thirty minutes ahead of schedule. It taxied to a remote terminal where I then took a shuttle bus to Terminal 5 to collect my luggage.

A very pleasant and peaceful morning flight with comfortable seat and ambiance.

Seating Tip:
8A, 8D and 8F are great seats, probably worth paying the extra CAD $48 seat surcharge. Avoid 8C; although the pitch is great, the trolley path cuts into it, constraining your freedom to stretch your legs at all times.

Airline Review: AA6072 American Airlines Embraer RJ-175 Vancouver to Los Angeles – Economy Class, Main Cabin Extra
Date Flew: 17-OCT-2018


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