Air New Zealand has Black Friday (24th November 2017) sale.

Return fare from London to Los Angeles is £175.
Limited dates for Feb 2018 outbound, returning Feb and Mar 2018. Only the first 100 seats will get this price.
Outbound travel dates: 4/5/6/7/20/21/22/26/27/28 Feb 2018
Inbound travel dates: 11/12/13/14/15 Feb 2018 and 6/7/8/12/13 Mar 2018
Deal opens at 9am GMT Black Friday on

Return fare from London to New Zealand is £399.
Again, limited travel dates and seats. Only 50 seats available.
Outbound travel dates: 15/16/21/22/23 May 2018
Inbound travel dates: 28/29 May 2018 and 4/6/7 Jun 2018
Sale opens at 10am GMT Black Friday on

Excellent fares if you can get them! You must have all your dates in mind, and have to be super quick to get to the BUY button.

Tip: Use the Fare Hold feature – you do not have to complete the passenger details BUT you have to pay £25 extra!


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